Jared Bowen Jewelry Staff

Jared Robbins

Jared is a protégé gemologist, studying for his GIA certification at night while he works with jewels and gemstones at Bowen’s by day.

Our rising expert on colored stones and diamonds, Jared is an encyclopedia of knowledge and information. Eager to share this with his clients, he loves explaining why a sapphire can be blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple or green. And he can tell us what a Padparadscha is (a pink/orange sapphire that is extremely beautiful, the most highly valued among the fancy colored sapphires).

A man of quiet dignity, Jared’s personal favorite is our collection vintage pocket watches. He appreciates the craftsmanship of a bygone era when watchmakers handmade and assembled over 150 parts, taking over 3000 steps, to put together a “timeless” time piece. He feels that the pocket watch epitomizes both masculinity and class and his favorite is this exquisite hand engraved and engine turned 14k gold, 15 jewel, Waltham numbered movement watch from circa 1901.