Hands On Craftsmanship

Bowen Jewelry is a one of a kind jewelry store with their goldsmiths and workshop right in store.

“They don’t make jewelry stores like this anymore,” says Biff Bowen. Their hands-on craftsmanship is one of the most rare things you can find in the jewelry industry today. Most jewelry companies outsource their work overseas and their jewelry is made with computerized systems instead of by hand.

What makes Bowen Jewelry Company unique is that the customer can bring any idea or concept for a piece of jewelry and have it custom-made right in our shop. This allows the customer to work alongside Bowen’s designers to make sure the jewelry turns out exactly how they envisioned it. Whether someone wants their gem with sentimental value set in a bracelet, or they simply find a picture of a ring they like, they can have it crafted and personalized by Bowen Jewelry Company.

Biff sketches out what the jewelry would look like based on how the customer describes it, that way it can be visualized for the customer. Often people assume this customization aspect would cost them more, however, that is not true. At Bowen, you have more control over the price than you would if you had jewelry designed elsewhere.

Biff and other designers at Bowen Jewelry Company work together to make sure they stay within the customer’s budget. Having the goldsmiths and jewelry designers in the workshop attached to the store makes consulting with clients a lot easier. Years ago, Bowen’s used to have their workshop upstairs, and even that was too far! “With the workshop right next to us, I can easily follow up and ask questions with our designers and see the process working,” Biff says.

All jewelry is refundable and exchangeable, but they haven’t had a return yet. Bowen Jewelry Company cares for their customers and makes sure they are completely satisfied with the finished product. With a few of the state’s top goldsmiths, Biff Bowen is confident they can design a stunning piece of jewelry that will make the customer ecstatic to take home.

Devon StankComment