Bowen’s Antique Timekeeper Collection

Biff Bowen shows us a new collection at Bowen Jewelry – stunning estate pocket watches made in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Holding one of these watches will take you back in time to when men and women relied on the city clock and the timekeepers in their pockets. This collection has 10 men’s and 12 women’s pocket watches, and they were made in Switzerland, England, and the U.S.  Back in this time, only the wealthy would have owned some of these timekeepers, but today they are much more affordable. One timekeeper in this collection is a beautiful Tiffany 18K gold men’s pocket watch from 1905 that would have been valued at about $10,000.

Not only were pocket watches seen as ornate jewelry, they were also very practical for railroad and white-collar workers. One of our pocket watches is called a repeater, which was especially useful during this time since there were no illuminated dials for the dark. This repeater in our collection was made in the 1890s and was taken good care of. Repeater pocket watches were made so when you pressed a button, it would chime to tell you the time.

Our women’s pocket watches are very ornate and some have enamel cases with stunning designs. The men’s timekeepers were simpler in design but still were made with hand engraved details.

“We will have each watch overhauled to guarantee timekeeping. Each one will also be cleaned, oiled, and polished without taking the antiquity from them and offer them for sale,” says Biff. This is a special and unique collection that has been taken good care of – the gold casings and precious gems look just as beautiful as they were in their day!

Devon StankComment